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Green Table Runner

With our house expansion, we got a new table.  A big table.  It’s ten feet long.  We don’t have a formal dining room, so this table is it.  It’s where we eat, play games, do schoolwork, etc.

Because it’s so big, none of my old table linens fit it, so I made a new runner.  I found some green and white squares that had been cut for an old project.  I decided to abandon the old project (which felt very freeing) and use these squares for a runner.  I sewed them into strips of five, and then joined them on point.

I used pieces of batting that were left over from other projects, and sewed around the edge of the top onto the batting.


Then I trimmed the excess batting.


I didn’t want to fiddle with binding in all the corners, so I just place the top and batting right side against the backing and sewed around the edge, leaving an opening.  Then I turned the whole piece and stitched the opening closed.


I added in the ditch quilting around the squares in the middle just to make it flatter. There it is, quick and easy.  It is not perfect in the corners on the edges with this method, but I am happy with it.



4 thoughts on “Green Table Runner

  1. Interesting approach, great use of a charm pack or 5″ squares if you have them sitting around in the stash! Way to go letting “go” of the other project. This is really cute, and I love the idea that you didn’t have to bind it! How hard was it to “turn” with all those angles? I did 4 table runners since fall, and the heavier they are quilted, the flatter they lay. I am now in love with straight line walking foot quilting for runners!


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