Finally Ready – Sewing Room Reveal

So, it’s been a long process, but my sewing room is finally fully set-up and operational.  I got some cabinets from IKEA and assembled them with my kids.


After a few days of work, everything was sorted.  This is the first time I’ve had all my stash in one location for many years.  It was good to see how many UFO’s I have and make a list.  Now I’m motivated to finish them.


My sewing machines are set on a table with a bright window looking out into the backyard.  This is wonderful 95% of the time.  There is a brief time in summer evenings that I might need sunglasses, since it is a west-facing window.


My cutting and pressing table is the same as my sewing table, but I put it on risers to make it higher.  It is the perfect height and very steady.  The window looks into my kitchen.


Here is the whole thing.  It does’t have a fourth wall, it is open to the rest of the main floor.  It is right in the centre of the action, so I can keep an eye on what everyone else in the house is doing.




5 thoughts on “Finally Ready – Sewing Room Reveal

  1. Beautiful creative space! Great job. I was just talking to hubby today about switching the spare bedroom and my sewing room. My sewing room has a deep pitch and even I hit my head on the ceiling at one point in the room and I’m only 4′ 11. My bff got ikea cabinets for her new sewing room and they look great there too. Enjoy your new space.


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