Simple Market Bag

Traditional Reversible Pojagi – Hot po

Traditional Lined Pojagi – Kyop po




Pinch Stitch – Go Zhip Gy



Reversible Pojagi by machine – Hot po


3 thoughts on “Tutorials

  1. Chimo, from North Vancouver, BC.

    I’m quite intrigued with your pojagi work, and have experimented a bit, using the sewing machine, rather than by hand. Have you done any by machine? Any hints or suggestions.

    Your family is very lucky to have the opportunity to live in Korea, and experience eastern ways. Have fun.



    1. I have not tried using a machine, since the machine I have here is a very cheap and sometimes tempermental one. I don’t know if it could handle really lightweight fabrics. In my class, we only use traditional materials (which are easily available here) and work by hand. When I get back to Canada, I am sure I will experiment with other materials and definitely try machine.


  2. hi, when i’m looking hanbok i land in your website. it is gorgeous.. definitely bookmark it in my browser. thanks for sharing your project.


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