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Hats, Hats, Hats

Since I made three Star Wars hats last year for my sons and my cousin’s son last year, this year it was the girls’ turn.  My niece is Star Wars crazy, and of course, even with all the new characters, Princess Leia reigns supreme.

This hat was crocheted using a free pattern from Ravelry.  It went together very quickly, and I think she’s pretty happy with it.  It’s a basic beanie with pieces sewn onto the side.  The side pieces have a tiny bit of stuffing in them just to give them shape.


Since one hat didn’t use up a whole ball of yarn, I was able to make another hat for G2.  It doesn’t look as authentic with blonde hair peeking out, but she likes to be Princess Leia too.


Last summer, my other niece was out with her mom and they stopped by a hobby store.  My niece was determined to buy me something for some reason, and she picked a fine blue yarn.  One ball is not enough to make anything big, but it’s enough for a hat.  I made her a crocheted  beret, another free Ravelry pattern.


This last hat was present for a friend of mine.  She is a long-time Girl Guide and last year she was a leader in my daughter’s Brownie unit.  It was a basic hat, and I just graphed out the border and trefoil design on paper.



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